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  • Adorage Vol. 13
    Adorage Vol. 13

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 13

    "HD - Festival and Celebratiën FX"

    Family celebration, party - Smart Effects for the beautiful moments in life! For all your impressive films and documentaries: Hundreds of complex video effects and…

  • Adorage Vol. 12
    Adorage Vol. 12

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 12

    "HD - Global Securities"

    For perfect travel documentation: Over 2000 Effects and Transitions in HD quality Sights, Skylines and Contours The Adorage Effects Package 12 has more than 2,300 ready-made…

  • Adorage Vol. 11
    Adorage Vol. 11

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 11

    HD Global Travel & Flags FX!

    "Effects on Travel" - with over 100 international flags and Continents and many Contours of independent countries.
    Also awkward and / or difficult compositions are common…

  • Adorage Vol. 10
    Adorage Vol. 10

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 10

    Full HD Video Effects!

    Impressive Effects with the following themes:

    ∙ Marriage and Love
    ∙ Family Memories
    ∙ Holiday, Travel and Landscapes
    ∙ Party and Events
    ∙ Sport

    Comprehensive Effects…

  • Adorage All in One Bundle
    Adorage All in One Bundle

    Adorage Magic PC - All-in-One Bundle

    The Most Great Effects Package available! Volume 1 t / m 13

    All Adorage Expenditure in one attractive package price.

    More than 15,000 Effects in 13 available packages can be found in this…

  • Adorage Vol. 9
    Adorage Vol. 9

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 9

    Particle & Object Effects!

    Take advantage of the many different stylistic means to distinguish average Videos acclaimed productions:
    In Adorage 9 you will find fascinating effects with sub-flow or…

  • Adorage Vol. 8
    Adorage Vol. 8

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 8

    Eye catcher FX Effects!

    More than 1,500 Effect templates!
    The Adorage Effect Package 8 offers a huge collection of outstanding Picture in Picture Effects, Design -Effects, split-screens and transition…

  • Adorage Vol. 7
    Adorage Vol. 7

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 7

    CGM Power Effects!

    More than 1500 effects for simply amazing videos!
    Adorage Volume 7 offers highly professional animation and compositions for Transition, Overlay's Picture-in-Picture Effects and split…

  • Adorage Vol. 6
    Adorage Vol. 6

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 6

    Power FX Pearl Effects!

    Securities enforcement surprise you: The more than 400 brand-new video effects make this package a "Must Have" in your digital video editing software.
    With a simple mouse click…

  • Adorage Vol. 5
    Adorage Vol. 5

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 5

    Diamond Composite Effects!

    More than 1300 effects in one package!
    Produce amazing videos: Stunning Trailers consist primarily of a perfect background design. The Adorage Effect Package 5 offers a huge…

  • Adorage Vol. 4
    Adorage Vol. 4

    Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 4

    Universal tricks!

    The Adorage Effect Package 4 includes over 670 effects!
    Adorage 4 - contains a variety of Animation, Picture in Picture Effects and many more features for everyone's liking. Whether…

  • Adorage Vol. 3
    Adorage Vol. 3

    Adorage Magic PC - vol. 3

    Pips & Split-screens!

    Video Post Production where the enthusiasm radiating from: The Adorage Effects Package 3 create your videos with a "byte".
    Professional Picture in Picture Effects, impressive…

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