Adorage Vol. 1

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Adorage Magic PC - Vol. 1

Spectacular high-quality video effects!

The Adorage Effect Package 1 includes an extraordinary large series of securities for First Class Video.
Professional with scene changes, you can create exciting trailers, for example the opening credits, or for closing a Video Production, but also for inbetween effects is Adorage vol 1, a treasure of high-quality Effects. Enhance your productions, and generate TV-grade video with Adorage Vol. 1!

Summary of content:
Transition Effects A - B / B-A
Long Term Effects of Video Sources
Alienation by video Animation
About 150 Alpha masks (some animated)
Over 100 Textures (some animated)
More than 85 events for Motif Transition Effects
Over 30 Motif Picture in Picture Effects
Over 800 readymade Effect -Voorinstellingen

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